There is a version that raspberry from the Russified Hebrew melina means hotel, bunker, shelter or from Yiddish meluna means hut.
    WILD RASPBERRY (Rubus idaeus) is a rose family shrub and is one of the most popular herbal teas, which gained its good reputation in antiquity.
Wild raspberry consists of young shoots, leaves and berries. It contains sugar – glucose, fructose, sucrose. Organic acids-citric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, etc. Minerals – iron, potassium, cuprum, zinc etc., vitamins – C, B, A carotene, dietary fibre, pectin, flavonoids etc. Studies have shown antioxidant properties. Raspberry leaves are used in case of various gynecological disorders – menstruation, childbirth and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (diarrhea).
  In folk medicine, the fruits and leaves of wild raspberries are used in colds, flu, as an antipyretic and antiperspirant. 
MEŽA AVENE tea infusion had a calming effect, prevents nausea, improves appetite, normalizes the functioning of the digestive organs. Binds and removes heavy metal salts, radioactive elements and cholesterol from the body. 
The forgotten berry leaves have just been “rediscovered” and can be considered as a valuable source of bioactive compounds with health-promoting and disease-preventing properties.


A cup of warm, aromatic, steaming MEŽA AVENE tea is like a real drink of life both in the cold months of the year and in the heat of summer!

Only 1-2 teaspoons of wild raspberries per 200 ml of hot water, allow to infuse for 10 min.

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