Enjoy healthy and tasty tea!

Now SALVEO is mixed up with honey!

Salveo in Honey effectively supplements multipurpose impact of SALVEO herbs blend. Owing to wild herbs, that complement each other’s effect, this blend strengthens health efficiently.
Nettle fills up with energy, improves bloods composition. Peppermint, dill, caraway, birch leaves favourably influence microflora of the intestines and digestive processes, in this way improving metabolism .
Motherwort influences heart tonus. In its turn camomile, spirea (meadowsweet), coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) restore mental and physical balance, improve nerve system. Alder, elecampane (Inula), heather (ling) increase the body’s protective capacities and immune system.

3-5 tea spoons per day; 1-2 tea spoons of product mix with 200 ml warm water, brew it for 4-5 min.

Aromatic and healthy SALVEO in HONEY tea will bring harmony and delight to you!

Be in good health with SALVEO!

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